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Privacy & Terms

For the purpose of this document, Iris shall refer to the main email application Iris, as well as any companion applications, including Contacts, ShowContact and an upcoming Calendar companion application.

Iris does not track its users. No data about your use of the application is being collected at any time. Any personal information obtained by Iris remains and shall remain on your computer and may be deleted by you at any time by deleting Iris' directory on the hard drive of your computer. Passwords and authentication keys are retained in an encrypted storage, that may be protected with a master pin / password of your choice. It is not possible to recover that data should you lose your pin.

Iris does not and will not transmit any data between your computer and any servers except the ones set to handle IMAP/POP3/SMTP connections for your configured accounts and the ones listed. The auto-configuration feature for IMAP/POP3 accounts will send the domain part of your email address to the Mozilla Foundation. The update check feature downloads a JSON file from, your IP address will NOT be logged. The update check is never performed without your explicit consent. The crash reporter may transmit your IP address, your name (as stored in the MorphOS keyfile) and details about your hardware and running applications to the MorphOS bugtracker. You may edit and sanitize the data before it is transmitted. Iris will never send bugreports without your explicit consent (granted via pressing the Send Bugreport button).

Iris' use of information received from Google APIs does and will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Iris will access the contents of your Gmail account via IMAP to obtain the list of folders and messages contained in those folders. Various features of the application will access your account via IMAP to set message flags or labels, move messages between folders, delete messages and display selected messages. Iris will send the emails you write via SMTP. With the exception of accessing the list of folders and lists of messages with their respective headers upon connecting, none of the actions described above will be performed automatically and will always require user action via mouse click or key press. No other data is retrieved from your account than that required explicitly to implement the functionality described above.

When trying to debug a problem, you may be asked to provide Iris logs. The logs do not contain email bodies, but they do contain metadata (email headers) that may contain personally identifiable information regarding the sender and recipients of an email. Providing logs is entirely at the discretion of users and requires them to be manually transmitted to the software author. Any logs provided via email will be deleted once the problem has been resolved but may be subject to retention by the email hosting service. does NOT use cookies.

The Privacy Policy was last modified on 04.09.2023.